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Fairport High School:  1 Dave Paddock Way (Ayrault Road) 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6 boys and girls will be playing at FHS.  BBQ, Nancy’s Fried Dough, and Fairport Girls Booster Club will be providing concessions at this location, featuring breakfast food and lunch.  Vendors will be available as well.


Field Maps: 

A field map can be found by clicking HERE


Tournament Rules for each level: 



We encourage everyone to please car pool if possible. Please avoid parking in fire lanes or blocking paths and please AVOID  parking on Ayrault Road near FHS. Cars will be towed.  We will have parking attendants on site to help people park all day. Field maps are available on website.

  • Alternate/Shuttle Service-  Due to the large amounts of teams this year, we have arranged for alternate parking at Martha Brown Middle School(665 Ayrault Road).  Additional Information, including a shuttle schedule, can be found by clicking HERE.


Game Times:  

Click HERE to download the 2017 Game Schedule

Please have your team ready to play. A central air horn will be blown 2X’s to indicate 2 minutes before the start of your game. We will then blow it once to start the game and once to end the first half. Twice to start the 2nd half and once to end the game. We are under a strict time line so please start and end games immediately upon hearing the horn. Games are running on a 45 minute rotation this year, leaving teams 5 minutes in between games. There will be two halves of 20 minutes with a 2 minute halftime.  Games run from 8-6:45 at FHS.


Check In: (for coaches only) Please check in to the command tent at your field location 30 minutes prior to your first game.


Tents:  You are more than welcome to bring team tents.  NO GRILLS are allowed and absolutely NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. It is also a SMOKE FREE SITE.


Pets:  As much as we love our fur babies, they are not allowed on school grounds.  Please keep your pets @ home.


Medics:  We will have a licensed medic and ambulance on site. They will be located at the command tents.  All Fairport head coaches are also certified in medical training as well.


Lightning Policy:  We will follow Section V sports policy.  A central air horn will be blown 3 X’s if lightning or thunder is in the area.  At that time all participants MUST leave the fields and get into a vehicle.  After a half an hour delay the Classic Committee will determine how the rest of the day will proceed.


We all hope you enjoy a fun day of lacrosse!