What is Fairport Youth Lacrosse?

Fairport Youth Lacrosse runs lacrosse programs for children in grades K-6th, who live in the Fairport School District. 

What do my registration fees pay for?

The majority of your registration fees cover the cost of renting fields. Indoor turf is the most expensive on an hourly basis. Outdoor fields are cheaper to rent, but the cost of lining, mowing, and other maintenance adds considerable cost over the course of a season. 

Other standard expenses that are factored into the registration fees include:

  • Equipment - balls, goals, nets, goalie equipment, etc.
  • Payment for referees
  • Website and registration system licensing
  • Equipment storage
  • Credit card transaction fees
  • Yearly tax preparation
Do you level/stack your teams?

During the Spring season, we aim to balance our teams, so that they are equally skilled. 

Our Summer teams are leveled, based on the results of a tryout.