FYL Equipment Store

This contains boys and girls equipment, including a full boys Maverick package of gloves, shoulder and elbow pads!  The store will be open until 2/17.






     We will be using the same uniforms this season but there will be the option for purchasing new one’s for returning players who need larger sizes, and of course our new players. Please order uniforms when you register and do not wait so that we will have them all in time for Picture Day which right now is scheduled for 4/15.


***Again, please note you do not have to order a new uniform if what you have still fits***


We understand that the uniform store does not have a sizing chart for girls/women’s items. This has presented some issues, specifically with the skorts, which run small. The girl’s jersey lengths are similar to the boy’s (which are on the sizing chart), but they are cut narrower.

The manufacturer was unable to get a sizing chart from the factory, so we made our own!